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  • "The show was brilliant. We couldn't believe how talented the children were. Obviously there's lots of hard work to produce a show of that calibre. Well done, and keep up the good work, you're all a credit to the town." 
                                                  - Councillor L Hunt. Wigan Council.

    "Absolutely brilliant! Better than most professional theatre I've seen and so funny. Well done to you all." 
                                                 - Sharron Kennedy. Agent (Intercity Casting)
  • "Utterly brilliant show. That group now seems like a really tight theatre company. They all looked like they were enjoying it so much. Really well written piece. Well directed. Super slick dialogue. Truly engaging plot. Clear exposition. Thoroughly entertaining yet thought provoking". 
                                                 - R Barber. Professional actor/director (Rocian Productions)


  • Ages 7-9, 9-11 & 12-13 years: £12.50
  • Age 14-15 years: £13.50
  • Adult: £15
  • Special 20th Anniversary Hoodies are also available for an extra £1.
  • 20th Anniversary T-shirts are also available for a price of £6.50-£7.50