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About LAMDA 

LAMDA stands for The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom.  Founded in 1861, it quickly established itself as a centre of excellence in performance training. LAMDA has provided theatre and the world of film and television with generation upon generation of first-class actors across the world.

LAMDA began offering speech examinations to the public in the 1880s.  Since then, these examinations have been refined and developed into a comprehensive system of performance evaluation by experts in education, acting and communication. In addition to being the UK’s largest statutory speech and drama awarding body, LAMDA Examinations has a reputation for excellence across the globe.  LAMDA examinations are designed to equip candidates, whatever their age or aspirations, with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life. The examinations themselves provide candidates with an opportunity to:

  • Measure progress against an international standard 
  • Make contact with expert practitioner examiners outside the immediate teaching environment 
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem 
  • Acquire skill certification for career development 
  • Receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development. 

Who can take a LAMDA exam?

Anyone who wishes to above the age of 7! It is recommended in particular for anyone wishing to pursue drama as a career, or for anyone that would like to gain a qualification in drama. 

Why study for a LAMDA exam?

Studying for a drama exam gives the student chance to work one on one with a tutor to look in depth into the techniques and skills required of an actor. It is widely recognised in the profession and looks very good on a CV when trying to gain acting work, whether in television or stage. LAMDA Examinations are accredited as an Awarding Body by the regulators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. LAMDA is a recognised qualification and is accredited within the qualifications and credit framework.  Students taking Grades 6-8 can receive up to 80 UCAS points for university entry. 

However studying for a LAMDA exam is also fun. Students get to choose their own monologues and duologues that they want to work on and always really enjoy working on the characters and scripts they choose. Students can choose to do a scene with a friend and enter together.


Cost is £5.00 per class and it is important that you attend as MANY classes as possible to attain a high grade. Places are strictly limited. Places will be allocated on a first come basis. The first class will be spent choosing speeches so we need to know beforehand whether you want to do solo, duologue or combined.

Each exam will also incur a cost and varies according to which grade is being entered:

  • Grade 1 (acting solo):  £36.50  
  • Grade 1 (acting duo – fee is split between actors):  £66.00
  • Grade 4 (acting solo):  £49.50 
  • Grade 4 (acting duo): £89.50
  • Grade 6 (Bronze medal acting solo):  £64.00
  • Grade 6 (acting duo):  £111.00
  • Grade 7 (Silver medal acting solo):    £69.50 
  • Grade 7 (acting duo) : 122.50

You can also take what is termed “combined”. This means you do a solo and a duologue. The cost for the combined is (again this is split between the 2 students):

  • Grade 1 combined:   £66.50
  • Grade 4 (combined): £90.00
  • The highest level you can take in combined is level 5. You cannot take a combined medal.

Classes are held on Saturdays at St Michael's Hall, either 2.15pm - 3.15pm  OR   3.15pm - 4.15pm

You cannot book on to Lamda exam classes unless you attend the normal Willpower drama class.

Please contact Caroline to discuss class and exam dates.